Very instagramable: große Marken, coole Standorte, besondere large-format Kampagnen.

Night of the masters ✨ Last night the largest annual media award show of The Netherlands, the AMMA Awards, took place in Amsterdam. As the whole event surrounded around Rembrandtplein, we applauded all nominees and winners on both our digital landmarks and with a special banner with a localized message above the entrance of the venue. OOH placemaking at its finest! Congratulations to all winners!👏
Smoothing the surface with @nivea_be Another amazing FOOH campaign at Place Louise, our most prestigious Giant Poster location in Brussels. With Giant Posters we proudly contribute to the renovation of the buildings we are present at. And with a big wink, Nivea does the same with their serum but then to our skin 😉 A great example of using CGI in OOH advertising. @beiersdorf @dirtymonitor @omd_belgium @billups #niveabe #impact #FOOH #technologicalinnovation #creativity #blowUPmediaHUB
🌟  April Recap 🌟   Last month we saw campaigns from high-end fashion icon Cartier, automotive legends Suzuki and one of the world-leading beverage brands, Asahi.     From captivating Giant Posters to dynamic digital screens and eye-catching special builds, blowUP showcased our diverse portfolio and creative capabilities from the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany💥
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