Very instagramable: große Marken, coole Standorte, besondere large-format Kampagnen.

IFA Berlin from 2nd till 6th September - the world's most important trade fair for consumer and home electronics! This is where trends are set and new technologies and products are celebrated. Be there when Berlin becomes a vibrant attraction for a top-class tech target group: trendsetters, early adopters, digital experts, electronics brands, start-up founders and consumers. Benefit from the inspiring trade fair vibe and meet the audience with our Giant Posters at the most important locations where the trade fair visitors are. Link in bio. #ifa #giantposters #tech #innovation
Positive impact is important in everything blowUP media does. This is why we also use our portfolio as a platform for art, another form of impact. We were media partner of @illustradafestival in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Illustrada Festival flips the concept of digital art celebrated in a fully physical exhibition, where visitors can walk around and enjoy the artwork up close in a public space. We have supported the event with digital promotion on our high-impact LED screens throughout the city. A playful art event that colours the city. #outofhome #digitalart #tilburg #illustrada #blowupmedia #art
Pole position for Polestar 2 - the automotive brand not only electrifies cars, but also currently the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. @polestarcars masters the basics of poster design with virtuosity: reduced motif, striking artwork, gigantic format. Our two-sided Giant Poster "Park Inn Alexanderplatz" is one of our portfolio classics: perfect for unmissable branding with huge radiance! . . . . . #giantposter #ooh #outofhome #outofhomeadvertising #branding #polestar #electriccar
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